Thursday, May 26, 2016


For some time now been looking for inspiration trying to get my mojo back. Find why I started writing in the first place, and also trying to add something else to the blog to it fun and interesting. Blogging and been a mother and wife whew that's one huge role.
And it would help too if I can get inspiration from my readers too. Cheers

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life's lessons

Life has taught me a lot, it has broken me, hurt me, made me think, "Is it worth it?"  Life has mocked me, made me question myself, "What is so important about it?" Sometimes I am willing to get up and be strong, be a fighter, but then life hits you, makes you a loser.  You wonder how come everyone is making something out of nothing, how come I can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel?  How come I keep failing?  When the heavy weight of burden falls on you, you're expected to carry on as if it's nothing.  "Be strong," you hear people say, but its okay to be weak, just not all the time.
Life is an easy word to say but a heavy weight to carry when it's been given to you.
But all in all I have learned to never let anyone bring you down, never feel less of yourself when they point at you and mock you, stand up and prove to them you can be a better person.
Everyone in your life at one point in time will disappoint you, leave you to drown in your worries; others would pretend to listen so they can use you as an example in their own lives.  Others would want to be there so they can constantly remind you of your weakness, tell you you're a failure.  The only way to surprise them is to succeed, be successful so they can be scared.  Be happy; happiness comes from you alone; pray, speak to Allah, cry your heart out, for He alone cares about you, He created you, He knows your worries.  Life has taught me to be wise, be prayerful, speak only when it's necessary, and find what makes you happy and do it even if they laugh at you at first.  Nobody holds the key to your happiness except you. Never give up. So what has life taught you?

Friday, April 1, 2016

Have a Wonderful Weekend

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Whatever you're up to this weekend do have a splendid one, relax with the family go out have fun but be careful. Visit someone you haven't seen in a longtime, read a book or sleep all through. In all have a blessed and pretty weekend. muaah.


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   Marriage: the best day of our lives, where you decide that I am going to spend the rest of my life with this individual. Marriage is an institution with only two students in it, but you don't go to classes, there are no professors, no guidance, you both have to guide each other and be there for each other till you decide its time to graduate to the next level. Some of us make it to the next level, while others drop out towards the end. Growing up I had a sense of what I would want my home to look like, how my family would be and my kids too, but reality would give you a correct check list, because the one you have is called a fantasy list.

Fast forward to our modern day life. Marriage these days is no longer what it used to be, it's not an institution anymore but a war zone; one minute you're so in love you feel you can not breathe without each other, the next minute you cannot stand to be next to each other.Maybe its our mentality or the way the world is evolving now, or the idea we put in our heads that one cannot figure it out.

In Africa where I grew up we have a saying "its the woman that makes the home." It's the direction you move a car it would go along, if you're at peace with yourself so would your home be. Some of us do not realize the power Allah has given you as a woman and a mother. You are unique and special.

 At times it's hard to go on but you have to keep up, and the partners too need to help out in the best way that they can as well. Marriage now is no longer between two people, it's you and your husband and the whole community or the social media; you cannot resolve your issues without first telling the whole world what is going on in your home, after you must have cursed each out on the web or reported your issues to whoever cares to listen. Then you come together to say, "Let's resolve our issues." What do you need to talk about then?

Two kings have never ruled a kingdom successfully. There are bound to be issues from time to time, let it be equal, and sometimes you fail. But don't give up, try again;how many times are you willing to try before you give up? These days we think about divorce more than we think about amending it.You forget the kids suffer. In some cases we don't even do it right; you bring them into your mess and fill them up with your hate and change their perception about certain things.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves, "What is it I want in life? How do I intend to go about a certain situation if I fail in it?" Most importantly pray about it, for with prayers you can never go wrong, and try and make your business your business; it's not everyone that shares the same goal with you, or everyone that smiles at you that wishes you a happy ending.

Fight for what you believe is right and learn to be responsible when you know you're wrong about something. Just because Mrs A.'s husband is always buying her all she needs doesn't mean your own marriage isn't perfect;how do you know if they are compensating for something they lack and you don't know about? Be there for each other, support each other, and if you have tired and it's not working talk to someone. Only after all roads have been explored you can look to the last option you have.Try not to drag each other through the mud and cause more damage.

Be yourself, think about what you want and how you want your home to be. Think about the later effect if you make certain wrong decisions. Marriage is not a game, it's not for the weak-minded, and sometimes love is not enough. You have to add all other aspects to make it work.

Think about it, pray about it, and be wise and prepared before you leap. You don not want to enter and suddenly find yourself running back out. If you want it to be forever act like it, and if you're not certain don't do it.
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Monday, March 21, 2016


What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning; and say I am stepping out, and am heading for my goal?  Some of us do it for ourselves; to sit back and admire your hard work knowing you never gave up. some of us do for those people who think you are weak and a failure. Others do it for their loved ones; to see the smiles on their faces makes you so satisfied it is a good feeling with so much hope and love.

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be where I can express my emotions, and share my journey. I wanted to make it fun and a happy place, but I started feeling less motivated no spirit and joy in what I loved, but I had to ask myself again why did you start a blog in the first place what was your joy and what do you aim to gain at the end of the day? I had to find that spark and repeat to myself you’re the only thing stepping in your way of reaching for your goals.

Sometimes in life you stumble and feel like you have reached this breaking point where nothing works for you, you feel like everyone is against you remember you’re not alone Allah is with you always. He sees your weakness knows your fears give yourself that strength, while you’re feeling miserable someone else hasn't given up on trying its part of life it makes you stronger and better and you’re not in competition with anyone, look at others success story and make your own.

 Please yourself before you please others humans are not satisfied you may feel you’re at the highest peak someone might see it differently, everybody cannot be on the same page with you someone would always oppose you.

 Don't feel bad see them as your motivator that one person that tells you as it is a secret fan. If you feel when you do something right and you have  this feeling of satisfaction and motivation keep on going don’t stop provided it is a good thing not a bad thing, it’s okay to be down sometimes but don't let it become a habit keep moving, keep walking let them talk it shouldn't stop you be motivated.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fashion extravangaza

I love when a lady looks good I love looking good, it's a good business in fact its damn good one can't go out looking like grandma from the 16th century. But has fashion goes you have to spend a little to look good so here are some fashion extravaganza, I put together enjoy.
And when I grow up I want to be rich yeah right like I am not grown already enjoy don't mind silly me.

            Cotton linen embroidered dress $3,600Silk chiffon embroidered gown$8,500

Gucci is one of my favorite designers I remember growing up, that was one of the first designer item I got from my mum  it was a mini satchel black in color with the red and green lines on it. Am quite sure she can't remember but I did treasure that bag till the bag spoke to me in tears, saying please let me go I can't go on again lmao whatttt? that tells you how long I used it for don't judge just move along okay.
Hermes Birkin bag 25 Crocodilus Niloticus Blue Marine CC Gold hardware 2015$55,124Leather studded sandal $ 1,500

 Ashi studio couture oh my oh my I love love his designs its just something else for me who loves modest fashion anytime any day, this speaks to me. I imagine wearing one of his designs with my
Hijab and just looking fly beautiful collections.

For me fashion is simplicity, elegance, grace and modesty you do not have to look naked to look good. And it doesn't have to be expensive before people can appreciate it, the way you wear it and carry it makes it look good. These are few of my favorite picks, when I grow up I should be able to afford these things lol oh well ciao.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Been Parents not Statues.

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                      I just want to say if you’re a parent and you know your doing a damn good job at it pat yourself at the shoulder and smile cause that's one job that needs an award a special one, and it’s a joy to see your young ones growing up it, gives you a sense of pride and a warm feeling in the heart.

 But to achieve that you have to be involved in their lives round the clock, take them to games, sleepovers, shopping, on a road trip you promised last month, at the same time you have to make time for yourself and smile like your life isn't a roller coaster at the moment that says i have a responsibility to take up and i have to see to it.

The world today is evolving, you have to keep up, be up to date but at what cost, some of us forget we have this responsibility as adults, we are in tune with what goes on outside than what goes on inside, you watch the news, you hear of cases of child cruelty, abuse, killings it’s so sad when you hear a child is involve it breaks the heart, then you begin to wonder what about the parents, where did they go? What happened? I just want to say one thing not aiming at anybody but speaking the truth, if you cannot take care of a child do not have one it’s as simple as that, bringing a child into this world is not a task for the weak minded, you have to leave up to your responsibility do not leave them to the hands of people who do not care as you would do as a mother.

Sometimes you work so much you do not have time to spend with them, or listen to their funny stories from school, or be there at their first day of school, miss their games, practically you have made yourself the a ghost in their lives, our children are like delicate flowers you take your time to water, nurture them till they grow and bloom. Make them your best friend, have interactive discussions with them.

If they cannot believe in you who can they trust, if you do not instill that confidence in them they cannot be confident themselves, make them feel loved, show that you care and would be there, teach them to pray, teach them the value of been humble, respectful, independence, applaud them when they do something right, try not compare them to that one particular child in class that has straight As, look for ways to do it right and teach them when you can, reward them when they do something good.

As a parents or a mum you have this instinct to protect them, when something isn't right talk to them, listen to them if they tell you "mummy i do not like Mr. A" find out why do not force them to like Mr. A" be their guard. If in in situation you have a child and you cannot be there or provide seek help. If anyone judges you tell them to jump over a bridge.

Often times the children get to suffer the other side of our anger or hate, it is wrong, like i said if you cannot deal with it seek help, it hurts when you hear the ordeal some of these kids go through at the hand of the ones they love. Sometime you hear some kids say "Mummy does not love me" cause mummy is busy loving a whack job who does not care one bit about her, a mother's love is purest of love it cannot be quantified.

Ask yourself now have i been involved in my child's life, did i make a promise i could not keep, when was the last time we ate together as a family, we are so technology crazy nobody talks anymore, just send a text that is it, speak to your kids, show them you love them, explain certain things to them they understand, do not let them feel unloved or unappreciated. If you get back late from work and they are asleep go and give them a kiss the head and just hug them tell them you love them it’s not that hard. Remember the first time you held them in your hands that feeling of love that first hug its priceless. Be there for them do not be a statue be a moving force in their lives. xoxo.

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